Gotta Love Them Animals!


‘Aggghhhh! Someone dial 911, I’m being mauled by a troll!’


‘I swear a Big Doberman busted in and just tore the place up….’


How to tell when its time to make your kids sleep in their own bed….


‘Ahhh, the fresh, relaxing aroma of feet…….’


Par-tay, Par-tay, Par-tay!


‘Uh, cat? What cat?’




Pug-9 to Mission Control


The good thing about working here – If you need assistance smiling, there’s always help!

One thought on “Gotta Love Them Animals!

  1. Those pictures are hilarious. Hard to choose just one to laugh at, but I think I particularly liked the one with the nose in a tennis shoe, because one of our cats is obsessed with shoes: rolls on them, sniffs them, lays on them …

    Since you’re obviously an animal friend, you might like this book I just read, My Seven Years in Captivity. It has animals galore! It’s a memoir — a hot seller, too — giving a really humorous look behind the scenes at the world-famous San Diego Zoo, written by its one-time PR man. (The book even includes the story of how Joan Embery because the zoo’s ambassador and ended up a regular on the “Tonight Show” when Johnny Carson still ruled late night television.)

    It will give you more animal stories to tell!

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