Last Comic Standing 7/17/08

There are more videos I posted of the Finalists at my video blog site: Didja C It?

Again there is no 2 minute replay video yet, so here goes:

Jeff Dye

Jeff Dye

Last night the comics had to do an act with props at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Who was judging you ask?  Well none other than the prop master himself, Carrot Top, whose face is now scary enough to give me nightmares at night.  In the end, Jeff Dye won and also won himself immunity.

In the elimination (whose location is now in a cemetery) Papa CJ and Paul Foot both ended up with 3 votes each – tied.  The poor fools decided they would try to take out Iliza Shlesinger.  I guess they felt they weren’t funnier than any of the other finalists.  So once again, Iliza had to stay her ground.

Paul Foot

Paul Foot

How this guy ever made it as one of the 12 finalists still baffles me.  In his act, he was babbling about a chair in a hallway last night and he also broke the toy pop gun that the other finalists were playing with in the house.  Not surprising, he had the fewest votes from the audience and was sent on his way.  Not a moment too soon.


Papa CJ

Papa CJ


What can I say about Papa CJ?  He is an Indian comic in America, whose act consists of putting down Americans.  ‘Nuff said.  Buh-bye Papa CJ!



Iliza Shlesinger

Iliza Shlesinger


Once again, Iliza had to battle 2 more lame comedians.  Her material was better last night, but I still didn’t laugh at her jokes.  But with 62% of the vote last night, she outdid a chair in a hallway and Indians shutting down 7-11’s so Americans can’t get their news. Congrats Iliza!


So as it stands, 4 unfunny comedians are gone, and 8 (some relatively funny or very funny) still remain.  There are still a few weak comedians that need to be weeded out from the house.  I predict for next week that two of these three:  Paul Tavare, Sean Cullin or Iliza Shlesinger will be shown the door.  We shall see.

3 thoughts on “Last Comic Standing 7/17/08

  1. Gah! So glad Paul Foot got voted off. Unbelievably boring. And Papa CJ REALLY crossed the line with his provoking the audience. I mean WTF??? I told my husband he probably needed security upon departing from the building! Shlesinger, was funny but she needs a breather to get more material written. Adam, you’re my favorite funny guy! And the big black guy, he’s comic genius.

  2. keboch says:

    I’m not sure what happened to Carrot Top’s face, but he should definitely sue. As for Papa CJ, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did need security! hehe

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