6 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent – Joseph Hall – Elvis 8/5/08

  1. Entertainment60 says:

    I have heard many Elvis impersonators. It is sad for this young man to come on television in front of millions and humiliate himself with his pitchy voice. What a shame. He is just another bad Elvis impersonator. Except he really had a cocky attitude. Sharon was right. He needs voice lesons. Why did he not think of that first.

  2. Helen says:

    Since this show, Joseph has redeemed himself with a really good performance singing Suspicious Minds. I’m with Jude. This guy is new and learning fast. I’m looking forward to watching him get better and better.

  3. Paul Creamer says:

    People who dont like Jospeph forget that Elvis himself was a bad singer at first (first 1-2 years – were bad enough that it was definately bad).

    Elvis himself then would not be able to be ELVIS then.

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