The Science Experiment

There was a boy in the local high school who was what is considered to be a nerd.He had his own lab in the basement of their home.

One night he came up and said: “Dad look what I made.” He poured a flask of fluid into a pot of soil and instantly grass started to grow.

Of course his dad was quite impressed by this.

He asked his son if he can develop a chemical formula to make his penis grow longer and larger.

His son thought for a moment and said, If I do, then, you have to buy me a convertible.”

Dad agreed.

The next night his son came out of the basement and gave his Dab a vial.

The father was told to drink it.

The next morning his father came to him and told him that he had something to show him.

They went to the front yard and the boy saw a cherry red Ferrari.

The son looked at Dad and said, “I only asked for a convertible!”

Dad replied, “Your convertible is in the garage. The Ferrari is from your mother.”

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