You know you have a BIG dog when…

* The sound of running water makes you jump up and yell, “OUTSIDE!”

* You tell your dog to sit, and he backs up until he finds a chair.

* It takes 3 people to get your dog on the scale at the vets.

* You walk your dog and everyone knows him by name, but you have no idea who these people are.

* You carry a tape measure with you when shopping for a new vehicle.

* You have given up on water dishes and you just use the bathtub.

* You’ve learned to force a smile when asked “do you have a saddle for that thing?”

* Your veterinarian has been able to put in a swimming pool, build a large home, buy jet skis and a vacation home in Florida.

* You’re holding him straddled between your legs when the doorbell rings and you find yourself quickly transported straight to the front door.

Top 20 Dog Names in the United States:

1. Max 1. Maggie
2. Jake 2. Molly
3. Buddy 3. Lady
4. Bailey 4. Sadie
5. Sam 5. Lucy
6. Rocky 6. Daisy
7. Buster 7. Ginger
8. Casey 8. Abby
9. Cody 9. Sasha
10. Duke 10. Sandy
11. Charlie 11. Dakota
12. Jack 12. Katie
13. Harley 13. Annie
14. Rusty 14. Chelsea
15. Toby 15. Princes
16. Murphy 16. Missy
17. Shelby 17. Sophie
18. Sparky 18. Bo
19. Barney 19. Coco
20. Winston 20. Tasha

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