Late Show Top Ten

Top Ten Things Overheard At The Democratic National Convention

10. “Check it out — Bill Clinton and John Edwards are hitting on the same woman”
9. “The decorations are made from ‘John Kerry 2004′ bumper stickers”
8. “I think the Chinese delegates are underage”
7. “No, Mr. President, you belong at the Republican Convention”
6. “Senator Biden, do you think you’ll shoot an old guy in the face?”
5. “Shut up! I’m trying to listen to Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle”
4. No number 4 — writer at screening of “The House Bunny”
3. “Coming up next, a look at Democratic candidates’ greatest concession speeches”
2. “Yes, at midnight they’re going to tase Andy Dick”
1. “Hey, it’s a giant Al Gore balloon! Oh, wait. That’s Al Gore”

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