Group To Join

Monkey Shines is welcoming new members! 

This is an Adult humor group.
We share jokes, powerpoints, music and more. All posts are welcome.  
It is No drama Zone.  The main rule is: “if you don’t like it delete it”
 Come by and have a laugh or two. Meet some new friends.
This is not a group for chatting or lurking…participation is a must!

OR just send a mail here to get the fun rolling

One thought on “Group To Join

  1. Mr.B. goes to his doctor to have his brain examined. After an encephalography , his doctor tells him: “Mr.B., on the left side of your brain, there is nothing right. And on the right side, there is nothing left.”

    Two very funny books:
    THE SECOND VENICE by Askin Ozcan – ISBN 1598000888 (Outskirts Press)

    WISDOM IN SMILE by Askin Ozcan – ISBN 1598001000 (Outskirts Press)

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