Late Night – Friday 10/24/08

All in repeats except:

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

On CBS News, Katie Couric asked both presidential candidates the last time they cried. I’m glad I held off on my vote until that question was asked.

Obama said the last time he cried was at his daughter’s birthday; McCain said the last time he cried was when he saw the latest poll numbers.

This week in People magazine, Sarah Palin talked about her plans for her daughter’s wedding. She said it’s very difficult to find a dress that doesn’t clash with the shotgun.

Sarah Palin said she’s putting the election in God’s hands. Which is good news for Democrats because they think Barack Obama is God.


Jimmy Kimmel Live!

John McCain has decided to center his campaign around Joe the plumber. Why they would do this for a campaign that’s already down the toilet I don’t know.

McCain is trailing in every major poll. The McCain campaign is focusing on a strategy that involves three major parts: Strengthen support in states that Bush won in 2004. Flip Pennsylvania back from blue to red. Pray for an earthquake that dumps California into the Pacific Ocean.

Sarah Palin said in Washington D.C. that the election is in God’s hands now. Isn’t that what you say to a prisoner who’s about to be executed?

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